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Non-filtered cigarettes are the “progenitors” of today’s cigarettes, and without them we can’t simply speak about the progress and great success in tobacco manufacturing. Despite the fact that non-filtered cigarettes have long remained in the past, they are still popular today. Even women of all ages love non-filtered cigarettes. And this is despite that these cigarettes are very heavy, being unbearable for many smokers due to the purity of tobacco and flavor.

Lucky Strike Cigarettes. Advertising in 1958 3 209x300 Buy Lucky Strike Non Filter Cigarettes OnlineNon-filtered cigarettes are still produced by the leading cigarette brands, and Lucky Strike is one of them.

Lucky Strike non Filter – these are the individual cigarettes, produced from the pure tobacco of top grades only. Thanks to this, the taste and rich aroma of Lucky Strike non Filter give smoker lots of new sensations and burst of energy for long period of time.

You are not smoking each 30 minutes, because filtered cigarettes bring you no satisfaction and joy. But Lucky Strike non Filter – it’s new the experience and bright unforgettable flavor.

Buy Lucky Strike Cigarettes Online

The American brand Lucky Strike is a standard of the true American cigarettes – strong, heavy and very rich-flavored. Lucky Strike cigarettes have appeared among the first cigarette brands on the world tobacco market. The story of brand Lucky Strike begins in 1871 with chewing tobacco.

luckystrike 266x300 Buy Lucky Strike Cigarettes OnlineWith the development of tobacco products, Lucky Strike has replaced the chewing tobacco for cigarettes, and due to the new technology of roasting Lucky Strike tobacco, they’ve reached much success in sales. According to the specialists this unusual method of tobacco roasting was the reason that Lucky Strike has become the best-selling cigarette brand in the USA in 1931.

Yes, of course, the new technique of roasting tobacco has played a big role in the popularity of Lucky Strike cigarettes, but the advertising was no less important in promotion of this brand.

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